072. Lateral Approach In Total Knee Replacement

P Neyret, E Servien, S Lustig, R Gaillard (Lyon)

The technique is described for 764 lateral approaches :

  1. Lata from Gerdy   184   (24.0% ); LCL/popliteus 84 ( 10.9%) ; Sliding Condyle Osteot.     12 ( 1.0%) Often lateral Facetectomy

Why I do always use a lateral approach in Valgus Knee? Theorical advantages

Better visualization of the tight lateral tissues., Less release (TF and PF).; Education with a clear threshold (varus vs Valgus)

Our hypothesis : Similar good results following TKA in knees with mild valgus (3°< Valgus < 9°) according a Medial versus a Lateral approach. We shall present

  • Alignment Pre and at FU
  • Laxity at FU
  • Patella position at FU

Conclusions : The lateral parapatellar approach is an effective, reproducible, and efficient method to perform TKA in the setting of moderate knee valgus. The functional and radiological results are comparable with the classic medial parapatellar approach and no increase in operative time or complications was noted.

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