50- Evolution des prothèses de genou pour un meilleur résultat… - Design Objectives and solutions for High Survivor rates of Total Knee Joint Prostheses

A. Burstein (Sarasota- Florida-USA)

Design Objectives and Solutions for
High Survivorship Rates of Total Knee Joint Prostheses

During the two decades 1972 to 1992, the design and development of total knee prostheses was a major activity at The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. The emphasis during this development period was directed towards understanding the mechanics of the interactions between the passive artificial joint surfaces and the dynamic activities of the muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee joint. The ultimate objective for the development process was the design of a knee joint prosthesis that would survive the lifetime of the patient, while providing all the required dynamic and kinematic performance objectives.

The presentation will detail the chronology of this two-decade development process. Emphasis will be placed on the several key design elements that have led to the high survivorship rates for this class of prostheses. The interaction of design elements and material performance will be highlighted so as to provide an understanding of the scientific basis for the long life expectancy.

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