63. La prothèse HPS2 dans les révisions d’arthroplasties du genou. Résultats cliniques d’une série de 130 implants au recul minimum de 2 ans - GALICA HPS2 revision total knee prosthesis: results at 10-year follow-up

JL Prudhon F Steffann, R Verdier (Grenoble)

The major goals of revision total knee arthroplasty include good clinical results with a low complication rate. In this study, the results of the GALICA HPS2 revision total knee prosthesis are presented.

We performed a retrospective study on 130 consecutive revision total knee arthroplasties. Main outcome criterion was survival probability according to Kaplan-Meier method with revision requiring implant change as endpoint. HSS score and patient’s satisfaction were the secondary outcome criteria.

The primary diagnosis was predominantly osteoarthritis (96%). The most common reason for revision was aseptic loosening. At index surgery, mean age was 73 years with 29% of women. At 10-year follow-up, survival probability was 93% confidence interval [83.5-98.9], HSS score improved significantly (from 51 points preoperatively to 85 points, p < 0.001) and 93% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied. Conclusion: GALICA HPS2 revision total knee prosthesis had reproducible clinical success.

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