74. Les implants en pyrocarbone au capitatum lors des résections de la première rangée des os du carpe - Capitate Pyrocarbon Prosthesis in Radiocarpal Osteoarthritis and anatomical study.

J Vogels, JN Goubier, F Alech, O Delattre, F Teboul
(Fort de France, Paris)

Scapholunate dissociation or scaphoid pseudarthrosis may lead to osteoarthritis of the wrist. When osteoarthritis affects the midcarpal joint, proximal row carpectomy is no longer possible and only 4 corners fusion or capitolunate arthrodesis may be indicated.

However, in some cases, osteoarthritis or bone necrosis may involve the lunatum, making partial arthrodeses impossible. Total arthrodesis may be proposed in such cases, but with a loss of range-of-motion.

Total prosthesis may be considered but the results of this procedure are not always encouraging. Consequently, in these situations, we perform pyrocarbon prosthesis implant, replacing the head of the capitatum.

This article describes the procedure and the results of a preliminary study.

We performed a complementary anatomical study details and categorizes variations in capitate morphology and associated structures in 21 human cadaveric wrist.

We found three types of capitate head identified in association with lunate types.

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