105. Association de fusion percutanée et cyphoplastie dans les fractures thoraco-lombaires à haute vitesse - Surgical technique of associated percutaneous fusion and kyphoplasty for high energy thoraco-lumbar spine fractures.

A. Fichten, J. Peltier, H. Deramond (Amiens, France)

We report and describe through operative pictures, and radiographies the installation tricks, surgical technique and operative steps of percutaneous fusion coupled with kyphoplasty. Illustrations of patient and radioscopy equipment are operative photographs.
Surgical technique is illustrated by operative photographs and radioscopic image step by step. Tricks and pitfalls are illustrated along the description of the procedure

Specificities of our experience are indications (including high energy fracture usually treated by open posterior procedure or double anterior/posterior procedures) and use of unilateral approach for one-balloon kyphoplasty.

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