84- Syndrome de la chaussure de Cinderella - The Cinderella Shoe Syndrome

H Kuhn (Emstek, Allemagne)

Introduction: The Cinderella-Shoe-Syndrom specifies a commonly observed disproportion of footwear and the morphologic conditions of the wearer. Disproportioned shoes and socks are worn – frequently unconsciously – due to personal reasons, fashion trends, misinformation and wrong advice, they can induce severe foot disorders.

Methods: The postsurgical results of patients with Freiberg-Koehlers disease (23 cases), Civinini- Morton Neuropathy (71 cases) and Hallux valgus/ Metatarsus primus varus treated with crescentic osteotomy (63 cases) were evaluated retrospectively to obtain data of the pathognetic reason causing the forefoot disease. History of footwear, sociocultural differences and shoe conflicts causing foot disorders were the interest of the literature review.

Results: The literature review showed a historical and sociocultural correlation between footwear and foot diseases. A high incidence of women with shoes to short and to narrow for their own feet helped to analyse the non-compliance pre- and postoperativly.

Conclusion: The Cinderella-Shoe-Syndrom has an important significance within the development, the treatment and the recurrence-prophylaxis of foot disorders, as well as in the assessment of possible reasons for recurrence after footsurgery. To recognize it, to treat individual psychologic reasons, to support in the choice of footwear, to inform about and to change social reasons, all these are challenges of the footsurgeon.

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